The Laconia Group builds and strengthens relationships between business and government based on essential national security technologies so all interests can achieve their strategic goals.

The Laconia Group's national security experts and business executives bring together government agencies and technology solutions from diverse companies to meet national security challenges.

We understand the strategic, policy, legislative, programmatic, operational, technical, and legal aspects of national security, and have strong relationships with government officials and personnel at all levels. We also understand how to grow revenue for start-ups and established domestic and international companies alike through government contracts.

Our relationships with venture capital firms, angel investor groups, and private equity firms give our government clients visibility into the latest technologies. In turn, we evaluate technologies from investors' present and prospective portfolio companies to match them with the right government opportunities.

We also serve as a critical resource to law firms, other service firms, and financial institutions by advising and advocating on national security policy, identifying national security risks and barriers to transactions, structuring transactions to mitigate these risks, and providing other essential consulting and advisory services.

We stand at the intersection of government and the private sector at the operational level, where national security missions are planned and implemented, where acquisitions take place, and where government policy and business meet.