The Laconia Group helps government contractors identify new revenue streams, build or enhance relationships with government agencies responsible for national security, and win contracts.

Growing Government Business

Our national security experts and business executives help government contractors improve their competitive positions. Our relationships with government officials, both at senior and operational levels, enable us to broker new relationships and enhance existing ones.

pursue and win new contracts ahead of competitors

We evaluate each company's mission and strategy, then recommend how to win more business by differentiating its approach and offerings. Our senior executive team provides rigorous business development support so clients can sustain and grow existing initiatives. Informed by our relationships with investment firms and CEOs of innovative start-ups, we advise companies on acquisition targets and development of new products and services.

Our collective experience enables us to predict trends for future government requirements with accuracy. This foresight helps our clients shape their product offerings ahead of their competitors and win more contracts.

measurably improve company performance

We apply our procedural know-how of government contracting, substantial government and private sector relationships, and strategic and operational expertise to help government contractors measurably improve their performance.