The Laconia Group finds the best technology solutions for government's national security challenges, then supports their successful implementation.

Finding Innovative Solutions

We help federal, state, and local government officials who are responsible for national security identify, evaluate, and acquire essential technologies from start-ups and emerging companies as well as from established government contractors and other large corporations.

access to early-stage, cutting-edge technologies

Our relationships with top-tier venture capital firms, angel investor groups, and private equity funds give us access to early stage, cutting-edge technologies, as do our ongoing conversations with promising pre-funding technology companies all over the world.

Our contacts, analysis, and recommendations help inform our government clients' decisions on staffing, resource allocation, and strategic development.

Direct Services

After identifying the right technologies for our government clients, we can support programs to implement them successfully.

Our team of former government operators, program managers, contracting officer technical representatives, and senior managers understands the challenges our government officials face in implementing national security initiatives.

dedicated strategic, operational, and technical support

We can provide dedicated strategic, operational, and technical support to national security programs, onsite and offsite, domestically and internationally.

Individually and as a group, our national security experts have a track record of success built on experience, commitment, discretion, objectivity, and communication skills. We bring the highest standards of quality to every project.