The Laconia Group evaluates technologies of investment firms' current and prospective portfolio companies, and matches them with the right national security opportunities.

Placing Innovative Solutions

Our relationships with key government officials and personnel at all levels combined with our business and technical expertise enable us to assess the relevance and importance of a technology for national security.

relationships with key government officials at all levels

We help venture capital firms, angel investor groups, and private equity firms evaluate the potential of current and prospective portfolio companies to win national security contracts for their technology products and services.

We know what national security challenges the government is facing, details of the requirements, and essential factors like policy, regulations, budget, schedule, decision-makers, and stakeholders.

Our subject matter experts evaluate each offering for overall functionality, strengths, limitations, compatibility with existing government programs, ease of modification and enhancement, and pricing, among other factors. To expand an offering and enhance its value, we can team a company with a strategic partner.

When there is a match between the offering and a classified or unclassified government requirement, we facilitate a partnership. When there is no match, we help companies and their investors understand why.

guide portfolio companies to build relationships and grow their businesses

We then guide companies with the right technologies to create effective presentations and build relationships, refine their offerings, navigate the government contracting process, and grow their businesses.

In addition, we help investment firms scrutinize and evaluate the classified government contracts of portfolio companies and companies under consideration.